Computer Hardware & Software Solutions Provider in Melbourne

Computer Hardware & Software Solutions Provider Melbourne

Computer Hardware & Software Solutions Provider Melbourne

We offer a range of computer hardware & software solutions for your business, such as install and configure servers, workstations, software, cabling, wireless communications, broadband internet services and all computer hardware and computer software that is needed to have your office computer network to function productively and dependably.

Computer Hardware Solutions

Whether you are looking for a new desktop, laptop, office printer, workstation or a server that can handle your company’s computer & IT needs, we can help provide you with the right computer hardware quick and at an affordable price.

Our partnership with computer vendors allows us to provide the best range of computer hardware at the lowest prices. Please give us a call or contact us using the enquiry form and we will gladly help you draft a computer hardware solution that fits your company’s needs.

Software Solutions

Alongside all your computer hardware we can provide computer software solutions to meet your business’s needs. Businesses are continuously facing new challenges as they grow and the need for better software becomes critical. We can integrate new enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, accounting software, CAD software solutions and the likes for your growing business.

Server Setup

Servers are vital for the optimal operation of office computer networks. That’s why it’s important to make sure your server is set up right from the start by using InteliZone computer service technicians for server installation.

You can rely on InteliZone to quickly get your business server set up and running, complete with secure internet access, e-mail, calendaring, data backup, file and print services, faxing, remote access of personal file and e-mails from any web-connected computer, and much more.